Press-release on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the Victory in the World War II

Press release 

9 May 2016 

71st anniversary of the Victory in the World War II

As we commemorate the 71st anniversary of the Victory in the World War II, we recall with pride and honor the great sacrifice and unique contribution of the Azerbaijani people to the victory over fascism. During the war, Azerbaijan suffered tremendous losses. About 700,000 people from Azerbaijan participated in the war and at least 400,000, or one out of every six Azerbaijanis, perished. A total of 123 people have been awarded the highest title of Hero of the Soviet Union and 170,000 people have received various orders and medals.

During the war, Azerbaijanis showed courage and heroism not only on the frontline. The role of the Azerbaijani oil in the victory over fascism has been duly recognized. During the war, Azerbaijan was a vital energy supplier and produced three-fourths of crude oil, aviation fuel and around 90 percent of high-quality lubricant products in the Soviet Union. With the hard work of its oil workers, during the first year of the war, Azerbaijan produced some 25.4 million tons of oil - a record for the entire history of the country’s oil industry. This made up nearly 72 percent of the total oil output in the Soviet Union. To highlight this achievement, by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, in February 1942, hundreds of employees of the oil industry of Azerbaijan were awarded orders and medals.

It should also be noted that a new aviation petrol-producing technology was created under supervision of one of the renowned Azerbaijani scientists Yusif Mammadaliyev.

By the end of 1941, so many oil workers had left for the war that positions had to be filled by women. By the summer of 1942, more than 25,000 women or 33% of all the workers were working 18 hour shifts in the oil industries. At refineries and chemical plants, the percentage of women was even higher and estimated at 38%. By 1944, women's participation had grown to 60%.

Seventy one years have passed from the Day of Victory. The valor, heroism and courage of the Azerbaijani people during the war and their sacrifice and contribution to the victory shall remain in the memories of the generations to come.

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