Comments by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Hikmat Hajiyev with regard to the illegal visit by the members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria to the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan

“Bulgarian members of parliament representing the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria party paid an illegal visit to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, as Armenian mass media informed,” said spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hikmat Hajiyev.

The Ministry regards this visit as an attempt to promote the so-called regime established in the occupied Azerbaijani territories as a result of Armenian military aggression, occupation and bloody ethnic cleansing.

“The visit demonstrates again that some circles in Bulgaria are seriously concerned with the development of the friendly and cooperative relations and strategic partnership between the two countries,” Hajiyev said.

“Unfortunately, official Yerevan is engaged in such absurd and meaningless provocative activities instead of paving the way for comprehensive and substantive discussions highlighted at the meeting in Vienna,” he added.

“The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan will appeal to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry and legislative body in connection with this provocative and illegal visit. Names of these persons will be included in the persona non grata list,” Hajiyev noted in the statement.


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