Information of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Concerning the incident occurred on 4 July 2017 as a result of provocation by the Armenian armed forces having violated the cease - fire regime in the territory of Alkhanly
village, Fuzuli district. Consequently, two persons were killed and one person was wounded.
On 4 July 2017, at approximately 20:00, as a result of another large - scale provocation by the Armenian armed forces on the frontline, Alkhanly village of Fuzuli di strict was
shot with 82 and 120 mm mine throwers and 73 mm grenade launchers.
Following the provocation resulted in the fall of one piece of shrapnel shell nearby the house of Guliyev Salman Jabish, a resident of Alkhanly village of Fuzuli district, born 6
November 1959, Allahverdiyeva Sahiba Idris, born on 6 January 1966 in Alnazarly village of Beylagan district, who lived and was registered in Alkhanly village of Fuzuli
district and her granddaughter Guliyeva Zahra Elnur, born in 2016, died from shrapnel injuries. Furthermore, Guliyeva Salminaz Iltifat, born on 18 April 1965 in Arus village of
Yardimli district, who was registered and lived in the neighborhood Alkhanly village,Fuzuli district, received blunt shrapnel wounds to her left breast.
Upon the fact, a criminal case was launched by Fuzuli District Prosecutor's Office on 4July 2017 under articles 116.0.6, 116.0.7, 116.0.8, 116.0.10, 120.2.7, and
120.2.12 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (violation of international human itarian law during armed conflicts, deliberate killing of several persons on the
grounds of national enmity), and urgent investigative and operational measures were carried out.
After receiving the information, the investigative and operational team consis ting of the employees of the district prosecutor's office and the district police station was
immediately formed; an inspection of the scene of incident, external and internal examinations of the corpses were carried out. In order to determine the cause of
the death of the victims, a forensic medical examination was ordered to be conducted; witnesses of the incident were identified and questioned. Material evidence was taken from the scene of the incident and sent for forensic criminalistic and forensic bal listics examination.
Four shrapnels of 73 mm grenade launcher, found and taken from the scene of incident, as well as four analogical shrapnels, discovered and seized from the body of
Allahverdiyeva Sahiba Idris, during the examination of her corpse, were sent for ballistics examination.
It was also found that in April 2016, violating the ceasefire regime, the Armenian armed forces used large- caliber weapons to attack the same village, as a result of which
civilian Karimov Emin Arseval, received various body injuries. Upon the fact, a criminal case was launched and an investigation was carried out.
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