No:488/22, Information about the decision on the “Baku process” in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO

On October 19, draft decision on The Baku process: Advancing intercultural dialogue for human security, peace and sustainable development” proposed by the Republic of Azerbaijan was unanimously approved at the 215th session of the UNESCO.


Although Armenia - a member of the UNESCO Executive Board tried to block the adoption of the draft decision, could not succeed.


It should be especially noted that 41 out of the 58 member countries of the UNESCO Executive Board joined the draft resolution as co-authors.


The process launched in 2008, on the initiative of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, besides being one of the most important platforms for promoting intercultural dialogue in the world, also supported by the UN.


About 1,500 participants from 135 countries were involved in the World Forum on Intercultural dialogue, which is a partner of international organizations such as UNESCO and ICESCO. The World Forum is considered one of the main platforms for intercultural and interreligious dialogue for people around the world.

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