No:438/23, Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan

As indicated in the press release issued by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, notwithstanding the attempt of the reconnaissance group of the Armenian Armed Forces on August 16 to infiltrate the territory of Azerbaijan and subsequently carry out terror operations, the Armenian provocation was prevented and one member of the aforementioned group was detained.

We consider the continuation of armed provocations by Armenia on the day of the meeting of the UN Security Council regarding the situation in the region as protraction of Armenia's policy of manipulation and strongly condemn it.

We call on Armenia to refrain from provocative actions and statements increasing tensions in the region, from interfering in internal affairs of Azerbaijan, as well as from its attempts to mislead the international community, and abide by its assumed obligations.

The responsibility for the increasing tensions in the region lies with the military and political leadership of Armenia.

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